A tire or an auto repair center is a very important service for many car owners. One of the best tire and auto repair center is the Costco Tire Center. Expect the great quality in the Tire repair and replacement with the other auto repair services as well. You may want to know Costco Tire Center Hours so you won’t arrive there for only staring at the “close” sign.

Costco is actually one of many companies which are having the longest opening hours period. On weekdays, it opens from 10 AM to 8:30 PM. It’s actually more than 10 hours long in serving the customers. However, during the weekend, make sure you’re not coming after 6 PM. It’s because this tire center is closing at that hour on Sunday. Although you may be able to get there a bit later on Saturday due to on that day it opens until 7 PM. Make sure you know the right time to visit Costco Tire Center, so you will not be disappointed by the closing sign of the store when you get there.