If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, all courts require a valid reason to be granted. Infidelity is generally a valid reason in court. In this matter, you can consider hiring a divorce lawyer. If you decide so, you can start finding out about possible candidates. You can follow these steps to choose the right lawyer:

First, start by asking for recommendations to friends, family, and colleagues. Recommendations can be a great way to get a qualified lawyer as long as you trust the opinion of the person who made the recommendation. If your friends do not know a family law lawyer, you can search online to find a website of a good law firm like www.vandtlaw.com/.  This kind of websites is good for searching for qualified lawyer candidates.

Secondly, after getting a list of candidates, you need to contact and make an initial consultation schedule with them. This consultation will help you get a sense of the lawyer by meeting him directly and having the opportunity to ask questions about themselves or your case.