Clean the intimate organs with warm water, without soap or special products, every bath. Avoid soap with harsh and perfume-containing chemicals. Be sure to clean the intimate organs from front to back and not vice versa to prevent microbes from the anus spread to the vagina and urinary tract. Do the same when you are finished defecating and do not forget to always dry your sex organs. If you are looking for a way to tighten Miss V, you can visit our website and get the v tight gel.

Here are some things you need to consider while maintaining cleanliness and maintenance of miss V:

– Pantyliner or pads

If you use a pantyliner or are having a period, you should replace the pantyliner or pads you use every 3 or 4 hours. If you are in a lot of menstrual periods, it is advisable to replace the pads every 2 hours. Pantyliner or pads is also a medium that strongly supports the proliferation of bacteria and fungi that can cause problems in the area of femininity.

Do not overuse panty liners because it can make the vagina unable to “breathe” freely, causing the vagina to become damp and creating conditions that trigger microbes to multiply. Should only use panty liners when before and after menstruation because that’s when our bodies produce many spots.

– Use the right soap

Avoid feminine soap that has fragrances or detergents, as it can kill good bacteria and can cause vaginal discharge. Use mild female soap organs, have the right pH or acidity, and are made from natural ingredients such as milk, betel leaf extract, and so on. The pH of the female area has a value that leads to acidic properties, whereas bath soaps have an alkaline pH. Therefore, never use bath soap to clean Miss V, because it can kill the natural flora that keeps the ecosystem balance in the area of Miss V.

The vagina is a female intimate organ that must be kept clean. If not, the vagina will be easily infected with viruses and bacteria.