This year is the year of superheroes. Why? Because it would be a lot of action films on the theme of superheroes. Call it Spiderman and Wonder Woman. To Watch Online Movie, you can visit our website. Which one is your favourite? Here is a synopsis of the film:

– Spiderman (Homecoming)
At the estimated story Spiderman which begins when Peter Parker in high school who are indecisive to decide what he should choose, whether he should do his homework or be a superhero to save the world also this choice was suddenly simultaneously. Anyway, the film is highly anticipated by fans of Spiderman.

– Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman was once a princess who lived in the Amazon named Diana. Diana, who lived in the Amazon for years and never know the outside world. After he learned that the outside world is on the verge of conflict, namely World War I, which ended Diana was braced himself to leave the Amazon in order to stop the ongoing conflict and become a hero named Wonder Woman.