What is an SEO friendly website? What is meant by SEO friendly website is a website built to certain standards so that the website is easily explored and recognized by search engines. This kind of websites can be created with a help from a professional SEO provider like pagesatu.com.

Additionally, the web also has to support benefits to the user and the easiness to use or navigate. There are actually many things on the On Page Factor of a website but there are only a few which are very influential including:

– Keywords placement

If you want to optimize the website pages for certain keywords, then make sure the keywords are listed in your website page so that Google better understand what the focus of your website page. Some parts of your website that you need to add are:
Title Tag / Title of web page
Meta Description
Early paragraphs of articles
Semantic URLs
Navigation System
H1, H2, H3 tags
Internal links
Image file (Alt)